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Delicious and fresh baked goods with homemade recipes.

We’ve already moved!

The new address: 41/25 Geroev Dnepra St.

(administrative building of the bazaar)

About us

“Pirogomania” is a bakery in Kiev. We bake pies, patties, cookies, bread, muffins, rolls. We also make different sweet desserts: cakes, desserts in a glass, cakes. And besides, we make meat pockets and dumplings ourselves by hand.

We make all our products “as at home” – without adding mixes, preservatives, dyes; the recipe is as close to home baking as possible.

We make the dough, fillings, and cream ourselves. So you can order pies with fillings that are not on our site, pies to order of any size, as well as cakes, cupcakes and other desserts in an individual design. Also, we will always offer you packaging for any taste.

The original recipe

Pirogomania Bakery opened its production and store in Kiev in 2012 in Obolon district and almost immediately gained popularity and received favorable reviews due to its original recipes, naturalness of products used and cozy family atmosphere.

We do not have a chain or branches. All our products are baked in Kiev, directly in the bakery. Every day we offer you a wide variety of menu from more than 15 kinds of sweet or savory cookies, 30 rich and sweet pies, about 15 kinds of pirozhki with different fillings.

We keep track of market trends in baking and confectionery products, we constantly attend exhibitions, master classes on baking and desserts, we learn from both Ukrainian masters and French confectioners. And, thus, we are constantly improving our delicious baking.

Custom Products

Our baked goods are perfect for any personal or individual event, celebration, occasion: office or home birthday parties or children’s birthday parties at school and home, catering services, weddings, coffee breaks, travel, picnics or just outings.

At Pyrogomania, we don’t use any baked goods. We make each pie, cake or cake individually to order for you.

To make sweet and non-sweet pastries, it takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days. For this reason, we ask that you place your orders one or two days in advance of your desired date. To simplify the process of receiving your order, we have delivery. Also, we work without weekends, and you can order a pie or pies on Saturday and Sunday.

So, to order delicious pies and other pastries in Kiev is very easy with Pirogomaniya!

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